Evaluation of psychophysical well-being in patients undergoing major oncological surgery in the cervicofacial district treated with harmonic touch®

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Research aim.The overall aim of the study is to assess the efficacy of Tocco Armonico®in the treatment of patients undergoing major cervical-facial oncological surgery. Method.From January 2015 to September 2017 93 patients (82 male, 12 female) with an average age of 60 were treated. The patients were administered the treatment in the following modality: the evening prior to the surgery, after the operation on their return to the ward, and during their post-operational recovery. A total of 90 patients took part in the research survey, which consisted of open questions and a semi-structured interview, recorded and transcribed directly by the interviewer, a researcher from outside the healthcare context. During the interview each patient was asked to describe their experience of the treatment and their feelings of wellness or illness. Results.80% of the patients reported feelings of wellness and 42 of them felt relaxed and calm, as well as experiencing an improvement in the quality and length of their sleep. A high number of those interviewed (60) emphasised the pain as illness and 45 of them noted a reduction in the painful symptoms. Nausea was mentioned by 15 patients (16.6%) and in 66.6% it diminished. Discussion.The use of Tocco Armonico®has a considerable potential for helping patients to cope well with the difficult post-operational phases. The results of the survey reveal the clear satisfaction of the patients interviewed, who correlated the treatment with an improvement in their state of wellness.

Keywords:major cervico-facial oncological surgery, pain, improvement of wellness, Tocco Armonico®