Chronic non-cancer pain and quality of life

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Chronic non-cancer pain occurs in the presence of a non-healing, degenerative and / or inflammatory disease. Pain increases with the progression of the pathology, or persists despite the recovery from the pathological process. Many of these patients, due to persistent pain, progressively reduce their autonomy in the activities of daily life and relationships. Chronic non-cancer pain represents an underestimated health problem in terms of public health.
The aim of this review is to identify the causes of pain and its incidence on quality of life in adult subjects. A literature review from 2005 to 2015 was carried out using databases such as PubMed, Cochrane Library, Ilisi. A narrative review of the obtained articles was carried out. Articles concerning pediatric age groups and cancer patients were excluded. 24 articles were selected. These studies, carried out in different parts of the world, report a prevalence rate related to chronic pain between 16-53%. There is a high heterogeneity of results related to diagnosis and methods.

Keywords: adult,chronic pain, delivery of health care, pain, quality of life, trans-cultural nursing.