Pain Prevalence in two Italian Hospitals. An observational study

Pain is the most common and distressing medical symptom in hospitalized patients in all wards. Pain prevalence among hospitalized patients is an indicator of the quality of health care.
Objective: The aim of this study is to describe pain prevalence in two Italian hospitals.
Material and method: This is an observational study. It involved hospitalized patients of both sexes, able and unable to self-report. Descriptive analysis and multivariate analysis were applied.
Results: A sample of 754 inpatients were included. In Terni Hospital (n = 255), pain prevalence was 80.8%. The mean pain severity was 5.2 (sd ± 3.33). At Rome’s San Camillo Hospital (n=499), pain prevalence was 46.9%. Acute pain is more prevalent in women (OR= 0.65; CI 95% 0.43-0.99) and increases with age (OR= 0.97; CI 95% 0.96-0.99). Chronic pain is more prevalent in men (OR= 2.34; CI 95% 1.41-3.97) and increases with age (OR= 1.04; CI 95% 1.03-1.06).
Discussion and conclusion: San Camillo Hospital presents data showing reduced pain prevalence, and describing pain even in patients unable to self-report. It is reasonable to believe that pain control by the staff at San Camillo is better, even though both hospitals are equally important regional institutions.

Mitello L, Coaccioli S, Muredda C, Nicosia R, Ceccarelli I, Marucci A, Salvatore S, Marti F, Iacorossi L, Terrenato I, Latina R.
Pain Prevalence in two Italian Hospitals. An observational study
La Clinica terapeutica 2022; 173(2):164-173  – DOI: 10.7417/CT.2022.2411